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Fitness video star Lara Hudson's Pilates Method Teacher Training Certification Manuals, including Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel.
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Kerry Coulter

Co-Owner, Be|Fit San Francisco

“I was first introduced to Lara’s excellent Pilates training manual series as a student in her certification program. The well thought out structure of these manuals, in addition to the high quality photography, clearly explains exercises and educational information on topics such as anatomy, posture and structural imbalances. These manuals gave me an incredibly strong foundation to become an effective Pilates instructor. Even more importantly, I continue to use these manuals on a regular basis over five years later as a resource for innovative lesson planning. Truly superior!”

Mara Reinhart

Owner / Master Instructor, Parallel Pilates

Parallel Pilates on Facebook

“Lara Hudson is a master Pilates teacher. Her experience is imparted into the training manuals, with specific, detailed and comprehensive shared knowledge. Each manual takes you through the exercises not only by explaining the movements, but by giving you the muscular anatomy and function, objectives, muscle progression and Pilates principles. Most significantly for me, the series offers options for different types of teaching methods to help you discover your best teaching style, whether that be tactile, verbal or visual. It teaches methods for adjusting movements to meet specific needs, and how to work with groups with varying bodies and skills. It taught me the art of cues, flow, and how to push my clients more deeply in their practice.” 

“The success of my studio, Parallel Pilates, is greatly attributed to Lara’s High Performance Teaching Certification. The method has been tremendously valuable to me and Parallel Pilates clients. Thank you Lara!”

Christine Vleck Jensen

Consumer Promotions Manager, Clif Bar & Company

Pilates Instructor: Mighty Pilates, The Pad Studios, Equinox – San Francisco

2015.08.14 The Pad Studios Instructor Head Shots

“As one of the first students to train with Lara in her Pilates certification course, I can’t say enough good things about the experience, the program and the curriculum. Lara’s expert knowledge and creativity shine through in her training materials. I still look back to the manuals for reference, and I’ve had many friends ask to borrow them to learn more about Pilates, and in some cases to supplement the curriculum they are learning in other teacher training programs. The most unique aspect of Lara’s manuals are the human anatomy visuals and exercises demonstrated through real photos. Most teacher training materials I have seen use illustrations, but it makes such a difference seeing photos of the exercises on a real body. The written description of each exercise is delivered in a clear, thorough format that doesn’t feel overwhelming, and it prepares you to feel comfortable teaching a class. After completing Lara’s program, I have gone on to teach machine classes at the top rated studios across San Francisco, as well as teach at Equinox with full classes and waitlists. If you aren’t lucky enough to have the privilege of training in person with Lara, these manuals are the next best thing!”

Shannon Wong

National Group Fitness Director, Linkedin

Uncorked Fitness

Shannon on Twitter

I took Lara’s Mat Pilates training in 2011. Initially, I was hoping to learn a new skill to add to my personal training practice. However, it ended up being so much more.  At the time of the training, I was suffering from low back pain. Lara and the practice of Pilates taught me the importance of strengthening the core muscles to protect my lower back and make it stronger. Within 3 months of consistent practice, my back pain was gone and hasn’t returned since. Lara has written incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly manuals that I still refer back to 4 years later for a quick anatomy lesson or new ideas to spice up my fitness classes.

Brita Joy Sieve

Pilates Instructor, Best Body Pilates

“During my pilates teacher training with Lara, the manuals were critical in my understanding of anatomy, as I do not have a background in this. The descriptions and illustrations were clear and concise and I was able to focus on learning the most important muscles groups for each exercise. I love Lara’s cues and the books do a great job of capturing the essence and spirit of each exercise. Because the layout and design is consistent across the series of books, they make great reference books or additions to your pilates library. I treasure my well-worn manuals and refer back to them often.

Lisbeth Pisias

Pilates Instructor, Mercury Fitness Certification Course Graduate

Lisbeth Photo

“When I decided to become a Pilates instructor, I looked for a comprehensive and in-depth training program. After extensive research, I came across Lara Hudson’s training manuals. They provide a strong foundation in anatomy, biomechanics, and guidance in becoming an effective instructor. The quality of her training material solidified my decision to become certified through Lara’s program.


I am a military spouse and that comes with the challenge of being moved to unexpected locations at any given time. I am able to use the skills and knowledge I gained from Lara’s training manuals to quickly establish a strong clientele base wherever I go. The manuals provide detailed information that allows me to adjust and modify my techniques to meet my clients’ individual needs. I am able to effectively work with a wide variety of people including ballet dancers, athletes, ranchers, soldiers, and clients referred by surgeons.


The biggest testament I can give is the relationships I form with my clients. To this day I am in contact with clients from several states. They trust in my knowledge and ability to keep them strong and healthy. Lara’s manuals have been incredibly useful to me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality Pilates information!”