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Fitness video star Lara Hudson's Pilates Method Teacher Training Certification Manuals, including Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel.
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Exceptional Resources to Support Your Passion for the Body in Motion



I’m Lara, and I’ve been passionate about fitness since 1997. Through the Pilates Method and advanced body weight training, I transformed my physical structure, my movement quality, and my belief in the immense potential of the human body. 


I am so excited to share my body weight training manuals with you – 3 supercharged, innovative and exciting mat-based workouts to invigorate and inspire your group classes and private sessions. Whether you teach Pilates, yoga, boot camp or body blast, these full throttle routines will make your classes a results-driven, unforgettable experience.


I am also excited to share my Pilates Method teacher training manuals with you, the end result of almost 20 years of study and teaching both in the classical and West Coast styles of Pilates. My contemporary approach and vast exercise vocabulary are captured in my 5 Pilates Method manuals.


Taking the most effective elements from Pilates, yoga and body-weight training, these form-focused workouts will supercharge your mat classes, making your students’ experience one they’ll never forget, yielding incredible physical results with the holistic, total-body approach to each exercise.



60-minute mat-based workout with a focus on muscle conditioning, total-body strength and integration of the global and local muscular systems.



60-minute mat-based workout with a focus on core strength, coordination, balance, and total mastery of the mind and muscles during movement.



60-minute mat-based workout with a focus on muscular and cardiovascular endurance, flow, flexibility and fluidity of movement.


Combining the rigor of the Classical Method with the creativity and bio-mechanical wisdom of the West Coast Method, the Lara Hudson Teacher Training eManuals provide an unparalleled visual and verbal backbone to develop, enhance and support your teaching expertise.

Manual  Mat copy  Reformer  Trapeze  Chair

· Teacher Training Manual: Philosophies, Concepts, Principles

· Mat Work, Reformer, Trapeze and Chair / Barrel / Spine Corrector Exercise Manuals

· Apparatus Bundle, Hudson Pilates Complete Bundle


These practical, easy-to-use eManuals look amazing on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, so you can can bring them to the studio and use them to design well-structured and effective routines for your private clients and group classes.


Your virtual eManual is agile and interactive. Once you’ve made your purchase, you receive an email containing your download links. Simply bookmark the first link in your favorites folder and open it on any wifi connection. Use the annotation tool to make your own notes on each page!


You also receive a second link that allows you to download a PDF version of your manual should you need it when you’re not connected to a wifi source. You have access to your Pilates manuals anytime, anywhere, helping you to design challenging, fun and creative sessions and classes based on the most cutting edge and comprehensive understanding of the Pilates Method.

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